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Jesík PEA Micronised Palmitoylethanolamide 400mg capsules

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Usage: A dietary supplement to help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and sports injury. Higher dosages may be used for fibromyalgia and neuralgia under doctor's supervision.

Jesik PEA 400mg capsules is scientifically formulated using micronised Palmitoyethanolamide dispersed in CapsuleBlend™ to enhance its bioavailability compared to standard PEA.



How PEA Works

The function of PEA is remarkably extensive. PEA acts on many different pathways, one of which is the inactivation of the cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 (CB1 and CB2) owing to its analgesic effects. PEA has been clinically demonstrated to relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, migraines and sports injury. Higher doses have also been shown to be helpful in neuropathic pain.  


Take as directed by your physician. Dosage will vary depending on your intended use. The standard maintenance dose for arthritis is 1200mg.


Active: Micronised Palmitoyethanolamide 400mg

Inactive: CapsuleBlend (improves absorption) is free from dairy, lactose, gluten, artificial flavours and colours.


Store in a cool, dry place below 25 degrees Celsius.

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